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Tydavnet Tidy Towns vandalism – “WILD” life in the community garden

Another Saturday after a birthday “party” in Tydavnet village, and not for the first time the revellers attending the party decided it would be fun to run wild in the Tydavnet Tidy Towns wildlife garden. This garden is a source of great pride in the village, a lot of hours of VOLUNTARY work went into […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns prepares the allotments and plants native trees in the village

Tydavnet Tidy Towns group has been very busy over the weekend, and a lot has been done recently in preparation for the national tidy towns competition. Tree planting took place on Saturday 26th May – native planting supports more native plants, birds, animals and insects than an exotic tree. Our native trees are also a […]

All welcome to Tydavnet tree planting on Saturday 26th May 2018

We are planting a number of trees in Fr Joyce’s lawn this Saturday after the ten o clock mass. This is part of National tree week which took place some weeks ago before the growth hit this area. We got the trees from the environment section of Monaghan Municipal District over the years and planted them in […]

Tydavnet Off Road carpark – INVITATION TO TENDER

Tydavnet Tidy Towns Off Street car park project at Tydavnet village, Co Monaghan invites tenders for the provision of a new Car/Bus park adjacent to existing St Dympna’s Chapel. Applicants are invited from competent/compliant contractors to tender for the above named project. The work will involve: Excavate to reduced levels, insert all drainage pipes,electrical and […]

Tydavnet Car Park funding on track with over €45,000 raised since Easter 2018

Tydavnet Tidy Towns group is currently distributing  issue 2 of the Tydavnet village off street car park appeal. The plan is to distribute the leaflets together with donation envelopes in the three churches and in shops, pubs, and retail outlets. Anyone who wants to contribute can put the envelope in the Sunday collection or give it to any member […]

Tydavnet tidy towns fundraising update, and clean up and tree planting details

The car park fundraising is creeping up nicely – €43,585 is already donated, and there are still a few envelopes outstanding. If anyone would like to contribute, but has not received an envelope, please contact any member of Tydavnet Tidy Towns committee. There is also an online “Go Fund Me” page, https://www.gofundme.com/tydavnet-off-street-car-park, all donations are much appreciated. […]

Tydavnet off road car park fundraising update 8th May 2018

Fundraising update – Envelope count to date €37,600; “Go Fund Me” online appeal, €600, Tydavnet Drama contribution €1,100. We appeal to anyone with an envelope sitting on the mantlepiece or who intended to lodge it in the bank, please do so this week as we are trying to wind up phase 1 this weekend. The […]

Car park fundraising – finance team in Community Centre on Sunday morning from 10.45am

The Finance Oversight committee of Tydavnet Tidy Towns will be in Tydavnet Community Centre on Sunday 6th May 2018 from 10.45 to 11.15am to accept donations. Another money count will happen on Tuesday 8th May, and it is hoped to pass the €40,000 by that time. Thanks to everyone for your donations – the response […]

Tydavnet Car park fundraising committee launches “Go Fund Me” campaign – please help!

Become the first donor! Tydavnet Tidy Towns group would like you to support Tydavnet Off street car park by making a donation and helping spread the word. The community received CLAR funding of €27,000.00 to take down and rebuild the graveyard lane wall and tarmac the area. This will allow improved access to the new […]

Tydavnet car park fundraising update Monday 30th April 2018

The finance oversight committee has met on Monday 30th April to give an updated account of monies received for the off road car park in Tydavnet village. The total reached now is €35,300 – a phenomenal result in a campaign just launched on Easter Sunday. Many people from outside the area and abroad wish to be […]

Let’s get buzzing about bees – pollinator friendly workshop on Thursday 10th May 2018

In the knowledge that one-third of our bees are at risk of extinction, Monaghan Tidy Towns will introduce you to the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and what you can do to save our bees. The workshop will provide an introduction to native pollinators and the All Ireland Project to protect them. Get to know the seasonal bumblebees, solitary […]

Local businesses donate to Tydavnet Car Park fundraising project

Phase One of the Tydavnet off road car parking fundraising has been extremely successful – the total has now passed €32,000. This phase which was to appeal to people in the community is ending next weekend,  but if you missed you can still give your donation to any committee member. No amount is too big or […]

Tydavnet Park fundraising update Monday 16th April 2018

The finance oversight committee of Tydavnet Off road carpark has met again on Monday 16th April. A total of €6,970 and £25 Sterling was counted. Add this to the most recent count and the total raised now is €27,793 and £25 Sterling. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far – this is […]

Local businesses make presentations to Tydavnet Off Road Carpark project 2018

There has been a positive uptake in the tax reliefs available to individuals and businesses who donate to the Tydavnet Tidy Towns off road car park project  – a registered charity(number 20163563). The Charitable Donation Scheme allows tax relief on qualifying donations of over €250 (from an individual) made to eligible charities, so the charity can claim a refund of tax paid on that donation by the donor. […]

Tydavnet Carpark fundraising – one third of the way there!

Well done everyone. The latest update from the fundraising oversight team on Thursday 12th April has announced that a total of €20,823 has now been achieved. This is a phenomenal response in less than 2 weeks – it’s not easy asking for money these days, there’s not a lot of it about – but everyone realises […]

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