Christmas Tree and Crib: Tydavnet Tidy Towns group is putting up the Christmas lights and crib on Saturday morning, 11th December, at 9am and Santa is coming to switch on the lights at 6pm and will meet the children afterwards in Jack’s. Please be conscious of Covid-19 guidelines and try to maintain social distancing to keep each other safe.

National Tidy Towns: We got 305 marks in the SuperValu Tidy Towns competition; up 5 on 2019, the last year of competition. The adjudication report has been distributed to all houses in the village and is available to download from Tydavnet website for any one who wishes to read it. As it is approaching the end of the year we would like to thank everyone who helped us in any way over the year….The pupils and staff of St Dympna’s National School for all their help over the year; everyone who took part in our spring clean up and particularly those who do litter picks all year round while they are out for walks; our own committee members who helped out on our work nights and watering rota; Seamus McElroy who gave of his time and machinery to help put up the Christmas lights and to dig the holes for the fence around the shed; Martin McCarvill who has supplied the flowers along the wall opposite the chapel for many years now. We have had 2 CE workers this year, Ciaran Sherry was here at the start of the year and Sean Sweeney started work in September. Thanks to both for your help! We were without a CCE worker for a period during the Summer and we were indebted to Scotstown Tidy towns who loaned us their worker Karen McLoughlin to cut the grass. A special thanks to our Rehab worker Damien Treanor who comes here every Tuesday to do a litter pick, empty bins and several other tasks which helps in no small way for the upkeep of our village, well done Damien. Thanks everyone for your ongoing support.