It’s very sad and disheartening to report more acts of vandalism and illegal dumping of household waste in Tydavnet village this week. The bins in the village are not meant for household waste and the Tidy Towns group have already had to remove some bins because of illegal dumping. There are CCTV cameras in the village and the fines for dumping are hefty indeed. The vandalism refers to the green welcome/slán signs one of which was broken and part of it fired over the hedge and the other part has not been found yet. These signs were sponsored by local businesses and are a decorative addition on the approach roads to the village. The sign on the Clogher road has been targeted for the last few years and has once again been damaged. One of the trees opposite the chapel has also been vandalised with branches being broken off. The protectors were only removed from these trees in the springtime and thankfully the are strong enough to withstand abuse but some of the branches were not. It is a sad reflection on our society that some people get their kicks in this way.