Bee image by Pixabay on pexels website

Biodiversity provides us with clean air, water, food, fuel, medicines, recreation, spiritual enrichment and protects us from extreme weather. Without the pollination service of bees and other insects, it would be increasingly difficult and expensive for farmers to produce some crops at current scales, and the beauty of the Irish landscape would also be affected without pollinators to maintain the diversity of our wild plants and support healthy ecosystems. The first draft of the biodiversity plan for the village which was carried out by Jenifer McAree (Ballinode) of Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants Clones is available on the website and Facebook page, and the Tidy Towns group welcome your feedback on it. The plan sets out actions that can be taken locally to achieve a joined up network of diverse and flower rich habitats to support pollinators, and the resources they need to survive. We ask that you read the document and give your opinion on it.