Tydavnet Tidy Towns has now finished most of the work around the car park and we will have to wait until the grass grows before we can really appreciate it. The field has been re-seeded and some of the beds have been planted with shrubs and trees (2 Copper beech and 2 Hornbeam). The rest of the beds have been planted out in grass for the present but hopefully we will come up with a comprehensive planting plan for them later. We would like to thank John McCaughey for his help and expertise, we are very pleased with his plant selection. We are indebted to all our helpers who turned out on different occasions over the summer but especially in the last fortnight when our plans became reality. We would like to wish 2 of our volunteers, namely Paddy Sherry and Paul McElvaney, who are on the injured list at the minute a speedy recovery.  (Paddy actually sustained his injury while volunteering). Thanks lads.


Hornbeam, one of the plants selected