Become the first donor! Tydavnet Tidy Towns group would like you to support Tydavnet Off street car park by making a donation and helping spread the word.

The community received CLAR funding of €27,000.00 to take down and rebuild the graveyard lane wall and tarmac the area. This will allow improved access to the new car park. The total price for this job was €46,000.00, a shortfall of €19,000.00. We have been approved LEADER funding of 75% subject to a successful tendering process to provide a car park at the rear of the chapel which also includes a safe drop off/pick up area for St Dympna’s national school. The estimated price for completion of this work was €220,000.00.

75% of this is €165,000 which leaves us €55,000 short. We are doing a house to house collection locally and response has been excellent, but we still have a significant shortfall.   We would therefore appeal to your generosity to help us gather the balance so that the work can be completed this year.  Any contribution will be most welcome.

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Car park image by Darren McCarra