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Tydavnet celebrates points gain in National Tidy Towns results 2022

The national tidy towns judges visited Tydavnet village on 16th July 2022. The results reflected a 7 point gain on the marks for 2021. Community – Your Planning and Involvement / An Pobal – Pleanáil agus Rannpháirtíocht: (45/80 marks awarded) Fáilte chuig Comórtas Na mBailte Slachtmhara Super Valu don bhliain 2022. Táimid buíoch daoibh as ucht […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns mourns loss of committee member Jim Balfe

It was with deep sadness and shock that we, Tydavnet Tidy Towns group, learned of the sudden death last week of our fellow committee member, Jim Balfe. Jim was a loyal and devoted member of Tydavnet Tidy Towns, always ready to give generously of his time and expertise to enhance the work of the organisation. His […]

Monday volunteer evenings going well for Tydavnet Tidy Towns

Tydavnet Tidy Towns Committee is delighted with the response to its appeal for help with the clean-up of the village. The Monday work-evenings have seen a good turnout of volunteers, including many new faces. A lot of work has been done over the last month…weeding; planting flower beds, pots and hanging baskets; cleaning the pavements […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns – your help is needed for summer works evenings

The Tydavnet Tidy Towns committee is appealing to everyone who would like to get involved in implementing the summer works plan to come along on Monday evenings (starting May 23rd ) any time from 7 to 9pm. There is no commitment required, you are invited to come when you can, stay for a length of […]

Tydavnet Community Survey – your opinion is needed

A group from Tydavnet recently took part in a Smart Village Training Program organised by Monaghan Integrated Development (MID) and delivered by eTownz. The project involved the group completing an interactive register of local assets, stakeholders, goals, projects and metrics. In short, when completed the team will have completed a plan for the future of […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns invited volunteers for summer 2022 works

At a well-attended meeting held on Monday, 9 th May, Tydavnet Tidy Towns Committee drew up a comprehensive plan of action for the months ahead. The plan includes extensive work on the Wildlife Garden; revamping of flower beds; planting flowers; painting; weeding etc, all of which will enhance the general appearance of the village. A […]

Busy with Tydavnet Tidy Towns – spring clean and tree planting 2022

Tydavnet Tidy Towns Committee extends a heartfelt “thank you” to all who participated in the Annual Spring Clean Litter-Pick last week. A special word of thanks goes to the pupils, staff and parents from St Dympna’s National School who did a litter pick around the village on Thursday morning, and also took part in a […]

Tydavnet Parish clean up 2022 – please get involved

Tydavnet Parish spring clean is taking place this week, and people are encouraged to take part. A skip will be available in Scotstown village (small green) on Saturday 9th April from 10am to 2.30pm for rubbish collected. A skip will also be available in Tydavnet village on the same day; and bags can be got […]

Tydavnet Off street Carpark AGM – a great facility, but more funding needed

The AGM of Tydavnet Tidy Towns Off Street parking project took place last Monday night, and the attendance reflected on how the new amenity has transformed the area, particularly enhancing the safety for the school community, for parish liturgies, particularly funerals when the village is less congested to through traffic, for people visiting the cemetery […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns reviews 5 point gain, and a successful 2021 campaign

Christmas Tree and Crib: Tydavnet Tidy Towns group is putting up the Christmas lights and crib on Saturday morning, 11th December, at 9am and Santa is coming to switch on the lights at 6pm and will meet the children afterwards in Jack’s. Please be conscious of Covid-19 guidelines and try to maintain social distancing to keep each […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns seeks CE scheme worker

Tydavnet TidyTowns group is looking for a CCE worker for 19 hours per week. Duties to include watering, grass cutting, landscaping etc. To be eligible you must be over 21, unemployed for at least 12 months or be in receipt of PUP for 12 months, or have recently signed up for PUP . It’s a […]

More vandalism and dumping problems for Tydavnet Tidy Towns

It’s very sad and disheartening to report more acts of vandalism and illegal dumping of household waste in Tydavnet village this week. The bins in the village are not meant for household waste and the Tidy Towns group have already had to remove some bins because of illegal dumping. There are CCTV cameras in the […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns disappointed over response to village work evening

Tidy Towns: We had our 3rd and final work evening last Monday night last and once again we had a very disappointing turnout. We sent out text messages to the tidy towns group, the parents association and a number of individuals who had been very supportive in the past; about 50 in all but only […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns work evening on Tuesday 8th June – the improvements continue

Thanks to the people who turned out on Tuesday 8th June for our work night (apologies to the people who I missed with the camera). We got one of the shrub beds covered but we ran out of stones. We will resume again next Monday evening at 7pm. With a good turnout next week hopefully we can get […]

Disappointing turn-out at Tydavnet Tidy Towns work evenings

Tydavnet Tidy Towns have had two work evening’s the last 2 Monday nights and the turn out was very disappointing, particularly after the great response that we got in years gone by. We are trying to get the surrounds of the car park planted and the shrub beds covered with stones. We are going again […]

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