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Tydavnet Tidy Towns reviews 5 point gain, and a successful 2021 campaign

Christmas Tree and Crib: Tydavnet Tidy Towns group is putting up the Christmas lights and crib on Saturday morning, 11th December, at 9am and Santa is coming to switch on the lights at 6pm and will meet the children afterwards in Jack’s. Please be conscious of Covid-19 guidelines and try to maintain social distancing to keep each […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns seeks CE scheme worker

Tydavnet TidyTowns group is looking for a CCE worker for 19 hours per week. Duties to include watering, grass cutting, landscaping etc. To be eligible you must be over 21, unemployed for at least 12 months or be in receipt of PUP for 12 months, or have recently signed up for PUP . It’s a […]

More vandalism and dumping problems for Tydavnet Tidy Towns

It’s very sad and disheartening to report more acts of vandalism and illegal dumping of household waste in Tydavnet village this week. The bins in the village are not meant for household waste and the Tidy Towns group have already had to remove some bins because of illegal dumping. There are CCTV cameras in the […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns disappointed over response to village work evening

Tidy Towns: We had our 3rd and final work evening last Monday night last and once again we had a very disappointing turnout. We sent out text messages to the tidy towns group, the parents association and a number of individuals who had been very supportive in the past; about 50 in all but only […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns work evening on Tuesday 8th June – the improvements continue

Thanks to the people who turned out on Tuesday 8th June for our work night (apologies to the people who I missed with the camera). We got one of the shrub beds covered but we ran out of stones. We will resume again next Monday evening at 7pm. With a good turnout next week hopefully we can get […]

Disappointing turn-out at Tydavnet Tidy Towns work evenings

Tydavnet Tidy Towns have had two work evening’s the last 2 Monday nights and the turn out was very disappointing, particularly after the great response that we got in years gone by. We are trying to get the surrounds of the car park planted and the shrub beds covered with stones. We are going again […]

Tydavnet tidy towns work evening on Monday 24th May 2021

Tydavnet tidy towns committee continues to carry out improvements around the village. We have added a bird box and upgraded the compost area in the wildlife garden and we have given the seats a much needed facelift. We have tidied up the flower beds and the rose bed and we are now going to plant […]

Submissions invited on Monaghan’s Draft Litter Management Plan 2021-2023

Monaghan County Council proposes to replace its existing Litter Management Plan 2018-2020. A new draft plan has been prepared for the prevention and control of litter within the county, setting out appropriate objectives and activities for the three- year period 2021-2023. The plan proposes to address the negative impacts of litter on our county, improve […]

Draft biodiversity plan published for Tydavnet village – your opinion is welcome

Biodiversity provides us with clean air, water, food, fuel, medicines, recreation, spiritual enrichment and protects us from extreme weather. Without the pollination service of bees and other insects, it would be increasingly difficult and expensive for farmers to produce some crops at current scales, and the beauty of the Irish landscape would also be affected […]

Vandalism and illegal dumping a problem in Tydavnet village

It is very disheartening and disappointing to see both the dumping of domestic waste in the bin at Tydavnet school, and the damage to the bin and the gates at the old entrance to the school. The damage to the gate may have been accidentally caused by a lorry that uses the area to park […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns – autumn clean up, and preparing for Christmas

The committee of Tydavnet Tidy Towns would like to thank everyone who took part in the litter pick over the last two weekends. It’s nice to see the roadsides litter free even if it is only for a few days. The committee is especially grateful to those people who do the litter picks all year […]

Landscaping completed at Tydavnet village off street carpark

Tydavnet Tidy Towns has now finished most of the work around the car park and we will have to wait until the grass grows before we can really appreciate it. The field has been re-seeded and some of the beds have been planted with shrubs and trees (2 Copper beech and 2 Hornbeam). The rest of the beds […]

Tydavnet village offers challenge to student of horticulture

Tydavnet Tidy Towns had a work evening last week in our efforts to get the landscaping done around the new car park. While the turnout was not on a par with our first evening, we got a good bit of work done and hopefully we will get it finished when we resume on Tuesday evening. We […]

Tydavnet “spring clean” litter pick hoping for your help

The annual spring clean in the Tydavnet area is now underway, while observing Covid 19 restrictions. Bags and some litter pickers are available from any member of the Tidy Towns committee. Please do your bit, keep safe, observe current Covid 19 restrictions, use gloves, keep your social distancing and keep within 5km of your home. Thanks […]

DVD of Tydavnet’s “Gathering of the spuds” 2019 now available

The DVD of the Gathering of the Spuds in Tydavnet Allotments is now available, and the production by Murphy Video Services, Emyvale is a nice reminder of what was normal just a few short months ago. The DVD is available at €10 and is a bit nostalgia, a bit humour, and a tribute to the […]

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