All managers and participants should check the Community Games Rules 2018 for their category. A full set of rules is available here:

  1. Art, Handwriting, Model Making: area winners:  (Please note winners in more than 1 category will have to choose only one event to enter at County level on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th March – venue to be confirmed)


Girls Under 10: 1. Ava McGinnity 2. Cassie McGinnity 3. Eimear Bell

Girls Under 12: 1.Hannah Sherry 2. Annie McGinnity 3. Amy Rafferty

Girls Under 14: 1.Tara Murphy


Boys Under 10: 1. Rhys Roddy

Girls Under 12: 1. Shannon Boylan

Boys Under 12: 1. Finn McQuaid  2. Josh Brennan


Girls Under 10: 1. Ava McGinnity  2. Cassie McGinnity

Girls Under 12: 1. Annie McGinnity  2. Hollie Mullen  3.Melissa Mulligan

Boys Under 12: 1. Jamie Roddy  2. Dylan Bennett

  1. Table Quiz Under 14: panel of 6 (4 players + 2 subs) Team Manager Teresa Mohan has selected her Tydavnet Team for County Final on Friday 16th March – venue and start time to be confirmed. However if any of the pupils from the 3 schools in the parish would like to enter a team they are welcome to do so (just turn up on the night) as there are no restrictions on how many teams are entered from an Area. Check out community games .ie quiz event and open link to see previous National Festival questions to test your knowledge!
  1. Talent Night & Area Registration Under 12 & Under 16 Boys/Girls: in Solo Music, Solo Singing, Solo Dance (Modern/Disco) ; Recitation & Drama/ Comedy Sketch – will take place on Sunday 4th March 5pm to 7pm at Sliabh Beagh (Front Hall). Please contact Deirdre Boylan on 0861089909.
  1. Swimming : we are taking registrations now until 17th Feb for Under 8/10/( 25m x 1Length) Freestyle/ Backstroke; Under 12/14/16  (50m x 2 Lengths) Freestyle/Backstroke/ Breaststroke and Butterfly* (Under 14/16)* Please text or email competitors Name, Address, Date of Birth, Contact and Event type to Caroline McNally on 0860751757 or;
  1. Indoor Soccer: Under 10/Under 13 Girls each will be playing Killanny in a straight final, in a few weeks time will advise parents once date and venue agreed.

Indoor Soccer: Team managers and players must familiarise themselves with the Rules below: Under 10 Boys have 5 games to play so will advise parents as soon as dates are confirmed.

WEEK 1 beginning 12th Feb: Away to Donaghmoyne

WEEK 2 beginning 19th Feb: Home to Killanny

WEEK 3 beginning 26th Feb: Home to Clontibret

WEEK 4 beginning 5th March: Away to Iniskeen

WEEK 5 beginning 12th March: Away to Monaghan Town.

Training continues for all 3 soccer teams on Saturday’s 11.30am to 12.30pm in Scotstown Complex. Please bring shin guards & 2 euros.

  1. Gymnastics: Under 9/11/13/15: Area Final at Border Bounce, Milltown 6.30pm on Tuesday 20th Feb. Please ensure you have registered for area competition with either committee members Sheila McCloskey 0868936863 or Paula McKenna 0868507053
  1. Boys Outdoor Soccer Under 12 Boys and Gaelic Football Teams – more info on these events soon.

Indoor Soccer Rules

Event Type: Team – Indoor Soccer
Age Category: Boys & Girls U10 Over 8 and Boys & Girls U13 Over 10
Panel Details: Panel of 8 (5 players + 3 Substitutes – Boys and Girls). All panel members present at National Festival should participate. Size 4 Football

  1.  The panel shall consist of 8 (5 players and 3 substitutes). A minimum of 4 players must start and finish a game, if less than 4 players a walkover will be given. In the event of a team having 2 or more players sent off in a game, that team will be eliminated from the competition.
  2. The duration of the game shall be two periods of 10 minutes for U10s & two periods of 15 minutes for U13s.
  3. The interval shall not exceed 2 minutes
  4. Indoor Playing Area
  • The playing area will be as approved by the organizing committee.  At the National Festival the playing area, where possible, shall be a minimum of 30m x 18m
  • The goal area shall be 6.7m and 4.5m. arc
  • The goals, where possible, shall be 5m long x 1.2m high.
  1. Dress. Players must wear rubber or soft-shoes and shin guards.
    6. A penalty kick shall be taken 5m from the goal line. It must be taken from a standing position and the     goalkeeper cannot move until the ball is kicked.
    7. In the event of scores being level at the end of normal time, extra time of two periods of 3 minutes will be played. If the scores are still level, a penalty shootout with the best of five penalties will apply (i.e. five penalties per team).  If a team finishes with only 4 eligible penalty takers their opponents must reduce their penalty takers to 4) and if then still level, sudden death penalties will apply. Only the players participating on the “field of play” after the end of extra time are eligible to participate in the penalty shoot-out or in a “sudden death” penalty shoot-out. FIFA Penalty shoot-out regulations apply. The Goal-keeper may be changed with an outfield player who has finished the game on the court for a penalty shoot-out etc., but cannot be changed during the penalty shoot-out
    8. Ball in & out of play:
  • Where sidewalls are in use the ball shall be in play at all times from the start of the game unless the ball rises above 1.2m (to be marked on the wall if possible). If there is any infringement, a direct free kick is awarded.
  • Where sidewalls are not in use, when the ball goes out of play, a member of the opposing team shall kick the ball into play.
  • End wall will always be in play.
  1. Substitutions may be made on a continuous basis
    10. Goal keeper returning the ball into play:
  • After taking possession of the ball the goalkeeper must immediately return the ball into play with an under arm throw and it must be kept below 1.2m (height of goal).
  • If the keeper saves the ball with his foot he may kick or roll the ball back into play.
  • After receiving the ball from a back pass the keeper must kick the ball back into play.
  • For the above infringement a 2m free kick is awarded
  1. Playing the game within the goal area:
  • Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed to play the ball within the goal area.
  • A penalty kick shall be awarded against a defender who interferes with play in the goal area. A FREE KICK SHALL BE AWARDED FOR AN INFRINGEMENT BY A FORWARD IN THE GOAL AREA.
  • All goals must be scored from outside the goal area.