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St Dympna’s Well


  1. adaly

    August 12, 2013 at 11:10 am

    The site for the well is in private ownership, so access is only with the kind permission of the landowner. We appreciate his very generous cooperation to allow individuals and a group from Geel, Belgium to visit the well recently. Because, the path is a rural farmyard laneway, it is still quite bumpy, with an abundance of rare heath loving plant species like common milkwort, cross leaved heath, bog asphodel, meadow thistle and tormentil among others. The site has sacred, religious, archaeological and biodiversity signifcance, and is a “listed” archaeological monument (M0066 -033), protected under the National Monuments Acts, so the amount of work that can be done to change it is limited by law. However, it is truly a beautiful, peaceful and unspoilt walkway, and lovely views over the adjoining townlands. Lots of photos of the shrine are available on the internet.

  2. I remember a very bumpy ride and a tricky walk to St. Dympna’s Well back in 1991. Has the access ability improved?

  3. Yes, Plunket (RIP) did some of the work.

  4. When was the shrine to st. Dympna constructed? Did a Plunket Kerins work on it?

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