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New term and new features at St Dympna’s School, Tydavnet

As we approach the new school term at St Dympna’s Tydavnet, we are delighted to announce that new gates have been put up on the school car park entrance. We would like to say a massive “thank you” to Laura and Keenan Stainless Steel for their hard work and this wonderful donation to our school […]

Putting new “energy” into Back to School – Tydavnet School gets new solar PV and Battery system

St Dympna’s National School, Tydavnet recently installed a Solar PV and Battery system. The installation was carried out by local solar energies company GoSolar.ie., a local company from Tonyclea, Tydavnet. The panels are the 400watt Canadian solar Photovoltaic type. This installation enables the school to generate and store their own energy supply directly from the […]