A person has been in touch with Tydavnet website seeking information on his family tree. His family came from Drumdesco, Scotstown, but he has not had a chance to visit the area yet. His grandmother was Sarah Jane Hanna (nee Meehan); her father was James Meehan who married a Mary Sweeney, date unknown. They had a son Joseph Meehan, born 12th June 1838, and this Joseph married a Margaret Kenna (possibly McKenna or Keenan??) on 6th May 1858 in Tydavnet parish. The names John Meehan, Joseph Meehan, and James Meehan all feature in different generations of the family tree, all born in the area. Other surnames that feature in his family history include Meehan, Hanna, Flanagan, and McIlvarnock. Does anyone share these names in their heritage? Can you help with information, please.