St. Salvator’s Church, Glaslough H18 HV49 is hosting Plough Sunday on Sunday 29th January at 10.30am. This service is traditionally held on the Sunday after Epiphany, the Sunday between 7th January and 14th January; accordingly, work in the fields did not begin until the day after Plough Sunday, Plough Monday. Although the nature of farming has changed over the centuries, the Service is a time for asking God’s Blessing on all who work with the land in the year to come, on those who farm the hungry lands of the world, those who harvest the seas, and those farms and farmers whose crops have been lost by drought, flooding, or other natural disasters. In many ways, it is the ‘Please’, just as the Harvest Service is the ‘Thank You’. Farmers are invited to bring a tractor and plough to Church on Sunday so that the ploughs and the grain can be blessed at the beginning of the agricultural year; everyone is welcome.