With the current mild weather another litter pick took place last weekend on Sliabh Beagh, as part of the Tydavnet Group Water Scheme source protection project. As with the previous event a few weeks ago, there was not a lot of litter about – some plastic bottles, glass bottles, and aluminium drinks cans which were all recycled correctly afterwards. A plastic crisp packet was found on the litter lift with the ‘best before’ date showing 17th June 2006 (i.e. 16 years ago), and the wrapper had barely begun decomposing. Crisp packets are waterproof, they can take over 8 decades to decompose. We ask for your continued vigilance and care for our blanket bog, the most celebrated of Ireland’s peatlands – which provides our drinking water, stores huge amounts of carbon, provides habitats for biodiversity, leisure opportunities, and a home for many of our most endangered species. It’s a wonderful resource on our doorstep, treasure it!