A few people have contacted us to remind everyone to be extra careful about deer on our local roads. It follows a few near miss events in the locality where young deer suddenly appear out of nowhere and narrowly avoid being hit, or damaging vehicles. While accidents can happen at any time of year, most deer-vehicle incidents occur between dusk and dawn during the months of October, November, and December. Not all deer-vehicle accidents can be prevented, but drivers can reduce their chances of a collision by understanding basic deer behaviour and being proactive in advance. Drivers should slow down and stay alert to avoid deer-vehicle collisions when travelling after dark. Watch out for deer in areas where they have been spotted in the past, particularly on roadways close to wooded areas, field edges, or water sources. If a deer crosses the road, slow down; there may be more deer or they might double back. Expect the unexpected, and keep safe, or it could be a “dear” drive.