Tydavnet Community Centre

Tydavnet Village Community Centre H18 XY42 by Darren McCarra, November 2014

Once again this year the committee of Tydavnet Village Community Centre gratefully acknowledges the support from Monaghan Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) and Monaghan Co. Council through the Community Activities Fund. This year the Centre availed of funding to purchase a Hot Electric Cupboard with a Bain Marie Top. This piece of equipment will be very useful in the kitchen. Tydavnet Parish Lunch Club which is an amalgamation of the Millennium Club for the Elderly and Ballinode Lunch Club now use the Centre each Wednesday to provide a hot meal to the elderly in Tydavnet parish. The Centre now has an efficient and fast means of keeping dinners and food hot. This new Cupboard greatly assists this. It will be used for all the general community events such as parties, after funeral meals, and wherever food is required. In addition to the funding of this purchase of equipment Monaghan LCDC also supported the Centre through making monies available for utility bills including electricity, heating oil and broadband. This is greatly appreciated as energy costs have soared for the Centre too. As many are aware the outside of the Centre is currently being painted. The purchase of the paint was funded through Monaghan Co. Council and Monaghan LCDC.

The community centre in Tydavnet has availed of funding through this scheme since 2005. The scheme was formally known as the Community Development Fund and was administered through the Office of Community & Enterprise, Monaghan Co. Council. In recent years the scheme is administered through the Monaghan Local Community Development Committee (LCDC). Funding for this scheme is provided by the Department of Rural & Community Development.

Here are some of the projects the Scheme has assisted in the Centre over the years – new boundary fence, bench seats, landscaping, tree planting, display boards, lighting for drama, computer suite, replace windows and external doors, trophy display cabinets, install three phase power, replace emergency lighting, development of website, dry lining walls, replacement of boundary wall, security system CCTV, upgrade sound system, kitchen equipment, replace curtains. All of these investments were made so that the Community Centre would be as comfortable a venue for all its users.

Today Tydavnet Village Community Centre ranks very high in its condition and anybody that uses the Centre speaks very highly of the facilities on offer. We, the committee of the Centre, wish to thank the very helpful staff who administer the Scheme. It is a straight forward application process and even more so now since the application is made online. In the last 12 months additional funds were made available to help community groups through the Covid. These were very welcomed as the likes of the Centre still had to pay utility bills and insurance bills even though rental income and all sources of fundraising were diminished. Long may the scheme remain to benefit our communities.