The chance of survival from cardiac arrest is directly linked with early defibrillation. Monaghan County Council is currently doing a project to get all defibrillators in the county registered with the National Ambulance Service, so that if someone rings 999, the Operator’s computer will alert them if there’s a defib nearby, and they can be sent to get it in case it’s needed before the ambulance arrives. A lot of the defibs around the county aren’t registered with the ambulance service, so they don’t show up on the computer when the operator types in the Eircode that the person is calling from. If you have a premises where there is a defibrillator locally, you are asked to complete an online form to register; you’ll need to know the make of the defibs, and their Eircodes, so have those to hand before you start, one form for each defib, please. The registration document is here: