There are 2 Grant funds open at the minute – the Built Heritage Investment Scheme, and the Historic Structures Fund; the closing date for both has been extended until 24th February. It had been hoped to make an application for Cornagilta School as it’s in dire need of investment before it’s too late for such a fantastic heritage building which has significant historical, social, architectural, economic and use value for the community. However we’ve hit a snag…..the grant funding has to be matched by funds from the committee, but the limited funds available are all tied up in another small LEADER funded project which is ongoing, so it appears it would be pointless applying. The most pressing needs for spending are to replace the lean-to roof at rear of school to match existing, repair and replace the fascia board in a period design with pitch pine, and paint to best conservation practice, and complete stone wall pointing to prevent water ingress. Longer term plans would require the provision of a small kitchen, and upgrade of internal timbers. The fire officer has also asked for additional protection for the school building. Any organisation or individual who can commit funds to the Cornagilta School projects would be most welcome, and anyone who has an idea of how to overcome the barriers, or wishes to get involved in protecting the structure is very welcome as it’s a unique and beautiful piece of our local heritage, and a wonderful venue for many local events. This Built Heritage Investment Scheme aims to support a significant number of labour-intensive, small-scale conservation projects across the country and to support the employment of skilled and experienced conservation professionals, craftspeople and tradespersons in the repair of the historic built environment. Grants of between €2,500 and €15,000 are available. The primary focus of the Historic Structures Fund is on conservation and enhancement of historic structures and buildings for the benefit of communities and the public.