The Chairman, Secretary and Manager of Tydavnet Group Water Scheme last week presented reusable drinking water bottles, for use by every school child, to the principals in the three schools served by the water scheme, Tydavnet N.S, Edenmore N.S and Corracrin N.S.  The scheme purchased the ‘bespoke’ bottles at the end of last March but with the COVID-19 lockdown were unable to present them to the three schools until now.

The Chairman of the water scheme, Gerard Meehan, speaking at the official presentations, spoke of his delight that his Management Board had agreed to sponsor the water bottles for every pupil attending the three schools.  Continuing he said: “With so much plastic being used and discarded carelessly in recent years, the Board of Tydavnet water scheme thought they should do something to raise awareness of the dreadful pollution being caused by the extensive use of plastic, especially plastic water bottles”.  Urging the school children to make full use of the alternative reusable bottles, he said “you are the future generation which will likely witness the disastrous consequences of this ‘throw away’ generation and I urge ye to try and persuade your own families to avoid the use of plastic in every way possible”.

Concluding Mr Meehan said that Tydavnet water scheme recently distributed over 1,000 booklets “Gardening for Biodiversity” to every household on the scheme aimed again at raising awareness of the unintentional damage being done to the water table by the use of pesticides in gardens, roadsides etc.  The booklet gives many examples of better gardening methods and practices which if implemented would help to undo the damage done by such herbicides/pesticides over recent years and by providing better biodiversity areas in our gardens would greatly assist in the national effort to halt the alarming decline in pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, etc.  He congratulated the pupils and staff in the three schools for all their excellent work and focus on the environment for many years now and he wished all of them even more success in this area in the years ahead.