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Abandoned kittens a problem in Ballinode village

A number of cats and kittens have been abandoned in Ballinode village recently, and we appeal to people to do the right thing when it comes to having animals they can’t look after. The kittens, perhaps about 7 months old, were left without shelter in the cold without food or water, and would have suffered in the freezing temperatures all night. There is also the danger that they could be run over by a vehicle. The cats are all in good condition and have obviously been well looked after previously. Healthy kittens, abandoned without their mother, will soon starve or become ill or injured. These lovely little animals are not well socialised or friendly and sadly someone has left them behind. These feral animals are difficult to catch as they hiss, spit, and scratch anyone who tries to help. It’s too much of a coincidence that now and again kittens and cats just turn up in the village– a responsible owner would ensure they get adult cats neutered to prevent unwanted kittens; it does incur a cost, but there is a subsidised scheme ran by many vets for those who are in reduced income. We understand that people’s circumstances can change which might mean they can no longer care for their pets but dumping an animal is never the answer. These cats were found by a kind member of the public and are now being cared for, but this is only a temporary arrangement – she has enough cats and dogs of her own to care for, and it’s not easy to afford to keep these the way she’d like to. Abandonment of an animal is cruelty and it’s a crime. There are several animal advocacy agencies in the area that can take animals and assist with safe placement. Can anyone help with re-homing?

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  1. Try North Dublin Cat Rescue, they have a waiting list of people looking for kittens.

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