There are loads of local GAA anecdotes suitable for this book…just waiting to be told!

A major drive has been launches to source and publish GAA stories from the grassroots of the organisation. Publishers Ballpoint Press Ltd and the GAA aim to gather a comprehensive treasure trove of Gaelic related stories ever compiled in the 136 year history of the organisation.

The story gathering will include oral accounts so that all kind of stories can be written down for the first time in book form, and also feature in the GAA archives at Croke Park. Potential contributors who feel they have a story but may not feel up to writing it can get in touch with Ballpoint Press and relate their account. It will then be written and sent back for approval before being submitted for final publishing. Well known journalist and author PJ Cunningham will spearhead the undertaking alongside GAA Communications Director, Alan Milton.

Ideally the stories should have their own unique selling point rather than just normal accounts of winning or losing matches. They can also include inter-county fare and personnel because it is the grassroots people who gather in large numbers to support those encounters. Stories with a special, novel, or unusual twist to them are especially welcome.

For further information contact or http://communications@gaa  Letters can be sent to GAA Grassroots Stories, Ballpoint Press, 4 Wyndham Park, Bray, Co Wicklow, phone 086 8217631.