In welcoming the good news that public worship has re-commenced in Tydavnet parish churches, we will not be instantly returning to the ‘normal’ of three/four months ago but will begin with small and tentative steps, with a number of restrictions still in place. Father Joyce and Fr Early have laid on 10 weekday masses as well as the three weekend masses and most of these Masses are streamed via webcam on Facebook and YouTube. Attendance at any Mass fulfils the Sunday obligation and with attendance limited to 50 which includes the priest and ministers, weekend Masses are limited to one liturgy group in each area – therefore you won’t get a Mass each week – you will get a weekend Mass every few weeks. People are asked to attend Mass in their own area, ie if your nearest Church is Knockatallon,that’s the Church you should attend. All our chapels have changed with only every third seat available and with social distancing in place this means only two, or in the side aisles three to a seat;there are ushers in place to direct you to your place. The liturgy group for Tydavnet chapel this weekend 12th July is the townland area of Guildford, Mullinahinchago and Derragorragher, so those are the people who get Sunday Mass this weekend. The following weekend 19th July people from Tullygoney, Mullantimore, Aghaboy and Mullaghamore North who will be attending. Hopefully restrictions will ease some more soon and more people can attend, but in the meantime please understand that by cooperating you are protecting our community. It is not mandatory to wear face masks in the church but it is advisable if possible. Your cooperation is appreciated, may the Holy Spirit continue to enlighten us and walk with us on this journey.

News from all our parish churches and the Parish Bulletin are available on the Facebook page*F&tn-str=k*F

• Each church will have hand dispensers, signage, etc. to ensure safety for all the people visiting the church. A social distance will be observed in all churches. Each church has worked out the number of people or units to be allowed into the church. Each seat/bench will accommodate one family unit or 2 individual parishioners (one sitting at each end). There will be a blocked – off empty bench/seat before the next occupied bench.
• Church collection boxes available in each porch.
• The churches are quite safe to visit. Cleaning of seats, altar and door handles happens before every Mass.
• Kindly use the hand sanitisers and wear a face mask if you wish.
• A team of stewards will assist in familiarising everyone with the new arrangements. The stewards will meet and greet parishioners at the doors and escort them to a seat. Stewards will also assist at communion time to avoid breaches of social distancing.
• The churches will be filled from the front rows first.
• The holy water fonts will be empty until further notice.