Parishioners from the following liturgy areas may attend weekend Mass in their local chapel on the weekend of 1st/2nd August : Knockatallon , the townlands of Barratitoppy;
Tydavnet, the people
from Killylough, Clintycasta, Greagh, Culdavnet and Tonyclea;
and in Urbleshanny the invited attendance is
from Carrowhatta, Drumbier, Cussee, Drumbin, Edenbrone, Creesil townlands. Attendance at any Mass
fulfils the Sunday obligation and with attendance limited to 50 which includes the priest and ministers,
admission to any Mass is not guaranteed. Fr Joyce and Fr Early are continuing to provide 10 weekday
masses and three weekend masses most of which are streamed via webcam on Facebook and YouTube, and
there are further Masses available on the Clogher diocese website, on RTE TV and on radio. Your
cooperation with the ushers is appreciated