The brightest comet since Hale-Bopp a quarter century ago will blaze through Irish skies for the rest of July. The Neowise comet, named after the telescope that discovered it, is expected to reach its closest point to Earth on (today) Thursday 23 July, with the best time to see it being between 11pm and 1am. This comet with a tail is so bright it has been photographed using mobile phones. To find the comet, people should look north and try and find the plough constellation. Alternatively, face directly opposite the moon and it should be visible with a clear sky, very low on the horizon. Neowise is closest to Earth on July 23rd at a distance of 103 million kilometres; once it disappears it is unlikely to be seen again for another 6.800 years. So head out to Sliabh Beagh for the finest, uninterrupted views. 

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