There was an attempted break in at a house near Corragh Cross last Friday evening, between 7pm and 9pm. A heavy implement was used on the back door to try and gain entry, and bins were moved in the search for house keys. Fortunately in this instance no entry was gained. A suspicious white vehicle was reported to be in Cloughnart at approx 20:00 – 20:40. Please please keep alert for strange cars/suspicious activity in your area, and report to 047 77200. It’s also a good time to remind people to be careful of what they post on Social Media – the fact they are on holidays in another county or country, the recently purchased lovely shiny new car or farm machinery outside the door, the expensive phone or computer, pretty jewellery, the valuable pets that the household has…..the list goes on. Think before you post; who needs to know all this stuff about you? Keep alert folks, and watch out for your friends and neighbours, keep our area crime free.