Emy Lough looped walkway

Emy Lough annual Fundraising Walk around the Lake will take place on Sunday 2nd August 2020. We look forward to seeing all the folk who use the Lake Walk supporting this on the day between 7am to 8pm, or if that doesn’t suit, please do your own walk at a time that suits you, and make a donation to the committee for upgrades. Donations will be greatfully accepted on the day, and some of the funds raised will be donated to the Red Cross. Work is ongoing around the lake; the seats have been painted thanks to the CE Scheme workers. More sand will be put in place at the swimming area when the present sand gets bedded in. We are looking forward to the gates being erected which will give the entrance a whole new look. We ask that all visitors to the lake enjoy it, respect the facility, and please use the bins provided or take your litter home.