The annual spring clean in the Tydavnet area is now underway, while observing Covid 19 restrictions. Bags and some litter pickers are available from any member of the Tidy Towns committee. Please do your bit, keep safe, observe current Covid 19 restrictions, use gloves, keep your social distancing and keep within 5km of your home. Thanks to everyone who took part in litter picks in many other areas of the parish recently – a lot of litter from picked from the roads, but sadly a lot of this was stuff that could have been recycled for free! It is sad to see the number of discarded aluminium cans, and glass and plastic bottles that have been dumped along the verges, and the amount of stuff dumped from cars – fast food packaging, bits of household waste, cigarette butts, and perhaps a sign of the times, a lot of used plastic gloves. We ask that you please make an effort to dispose of all your litter correctly – love where you live!Litter Picks