At the weekend, local walk leader Padraig Fear A Ban encouraged everyone who was out for a stroll (while observing our Covid 19 restrictions…) to notice the amount of rubbish strewn along the hedgerows. He suggested that now that we have time on our hands that maybe we could take a bag and a litter picker or gloves and collect the rubbish in our area. Remember when this weird situation is over – and it will be – the tourists will come back, so let’s have a nice clean countryside for them to come to. Pictured below is a some of the rubbish picked up on a 1km (yes, just 1km) stretch of a local road on one such walk on Monday 30th March, along a well populated (not isolated) road. It’s sad; it’s a disgrace, and the litter picker must have missed some party judging by the amount of discarded alcohol bottles and cans. The total collected on this 1km was one and a half bags of rubbish (not recyclable or at this stage too dirty to recycle), a bag of glass bottles, a bag of recyclable plastic bottles, and a half bag of aluminium cans (mostly Coke, Boost, Red Bull, and lagers). Shameful! Visitors to our area come for many reasons – work, farm and home calls, visits to friends, funerals, weddings, tourism, or just passing through on the way to another destination. Is this the image of our area that we want our visitors to see?