Dear Community Group, We hope all is well with you and your families in this time of crisis. This is a time of great worry and stress for us all and in particular for those who have an additional vulnerability be it through age, disability or illness. 

We are aware that many communities are responding to these challenges by developing local solutions to ensure that we all come through this difficult time. We are reaching out to you all to assure you of our continued support and cooperation in the challenges we now face. 

Monaghan Volunteer Centre has a bank of volunteers registering with us from across the county who are keen to get involved in supporting  vulnerable individuals. We have no roles available for these volunteers at the moment. We are asking that you let us know what is happening in your community and whether extra volunteers might be needed. Even if your group has plenty of volunteers now but there is a chance you may need more over the coming weeks if people get sick or need to self isolate, please contact us now. It will be easier to work with you to find suitable temporary volunteers if we can do it calmly and with some time available. We can discuss with you what supports are needed with regard to additional volunteers, volunteer role descriptions, volunteer safeguarding, Garda vetting and service promotion. 

Monaghan Integrated Development and Monaghan Volunteer Centre are keen to support the groups evolving or emerging in this time of crisis. We can give guidance on group structures, “how to” guides for community responses and general support and advice to those addressing the needs on the ground within our communities. You will find some useful resources at   

Collating Community Response – We are also asking that all groups that are undertaking work related to the crisis complete the form at the link below. This information will be used to map the services for the general public and more importantly to see any gaps in service.  

Should you require our support kindly contact: 

Monaghan Volunteer Centre – Sinéad Keenan on 047 72191 or 087 0656793

Monaghan Integrated Development:  Francis McCarron on 042 9749500 or 087 2068601  

We are asking that you share this information with any groups that are addressing this crisis at a community level. 

Many thanks, Sinéad Keenan, Coordinator, Monaghan Volunteer Centre, Monaghan Integrated Development, 5 North Road, Monaghan