Tydavnet Community GamesTydavnet Community Games Art and Handwriting registration and area competition on Saturday 1st February in Urbleshanny School from 10am to 12 noon. Registration €2 per child.

Art: Under 8, 10, 12, 14 and under 16… An exhibit (painting, drawing, collage or cartoon) must be based on a Community Games activity. Maximum size 60cm X 70cm (A3 size) 2 hours to complete. For rules etc see www.communitygames.ie/art

Handwriting:Under 10 and under 12. Competitor will be required in their own handwriting to copy a piece of written text. Under 10, 100 – 150 words/ under 12, 200 -250 words. I hour to complete. For more information and rules see www.communitygames.ie/handwriting

Model making: Under 10/12/14/16/ An exhibit must be based on a Community Games Activity. Any materials may be used except aerosol or spray paint. Maximum size 60cm X 60cms. 2 hours to complete. For information and rules see www.communitygames.ie/model-making

Competitors must bring with them their own paper and materials. Competitors can enter any or all of the events and complete within the 2 hour timeframe. Please check the rules of each competition by following the links above.