Monaghan County Council has granted permission to Aldi Ireland to construct a single storey discount foodstore (to include off license use) with a gross floor area of 2,814 sq m (net retail area 1,254 sq m.) at the junction of Macartan Road (n54) and the R162 (Glen Road), in Monaghan Town. The previously granted full planning permission had been appealed to the Authority after a number of agencies made submissions on the plans. The development includes the erection of 1 no. internally illuminated sign and opening hours sign at vehicular entrance, 3 no. internally illuminated gable signs, 1 no. poster sign and entrance glass signage. The proposed development will be served by 91 no. car parking spaces. Vehicular access to the site will be provided from Macartan Road. The proposed development includes all engineering works, landscaping works, boundary treatments and site development works on the 0.69 hectare site. The company must comply with 20 conditions imposed by Monaghan County Council in the granting of permission. Full details of the proposed supermarket are available here: