Since it appears to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment (the Minister) section 7(1) of the Minerals Development Act 1940, as amended, the Minister intends to grant prospecting licences for Base Metals, Barytes, Silver and Gold to Great Glen Resources Ltd., Suite 2, 70 Queensway, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, HP2 5HD over the following Townlands in County Monaghan:

Townlands in Dartree Barony: Aghadrumdoney, Aghafin, Aghagaw, Aghnahola, Aghnamard, Annagheane, Annaghraw, Annamakiff, Annaveagh, Annies, Ballintoppan, Ballynure, Billary, Boughill, Bullogbrean, Callowhill, Cappagh, Cappaagh (Kilgormly), Cappog, Carnowen, Carrickmore, Cavanavally, Cavanreagh, Cloghernagh, Cloncumber, Clonfad (E.D. Currin), Clonfad (E.D. Drummully), Clonkeelan, Clollura, Clonnagore, Connestin, Clonoony, Clonoula, Clonrye, Clonshanvo, Clontask, Coaghen, Coleman, Conaghy, Coolnacarte, Coolnalong, Corconnelly, Corcummins, Cornagaghy, Cornapaste, Corrackan, Corraskea, Corvaghan, Creevaghy, Creevelea, Crockcumberland, Derrybeg, erryleggan, Drumaddogorry, Drumaddarainy, Drumavan, Drumaveale, Drumbure, Drumcaw, Drumcru (Renwick), Drumgarran, Drumhillagh (E.D. Currin), Drummully, Drumslow, Dungonnan, Edenaforan, Ellinure, Fastry, Fremagh, Garran (E.D. Tierney), Golanduff, Gortgranard, Gortnana, Gransha Beg, Gransha More, Hilton Demesne, Kilcumber, Kilgormly, Killark, Killeevan Glebe, Killina, Kilycoghill, Killycoonagh, Killycronaghan, Killygone, Killygorman, Killykeeragh, Kilnamaddy, Latgallan, Latroe, Legnakelly, Lisabuck, Lisgall, Lislannan, Lislea (E.D. Currin), Lismeagh, Lisoarty, Listellan, Longfield, Loughoony, Lowertown, Magherarny, Mullanacloy, Nook, Rabows, Racaulfield, Ramoy, Rateerbane, Roranna, Sandhils, Scarvy, Shanco, Shankill, Shanmulagh South, Skeachorn, Skerrick West, Stranagarvagh, Tanderagee, Templetate, Tircooney, Tulleevin, Tullyhumphry, Tullyreas, Ture.

Townlands in Monaghan Barony: Aghaclogha, Aghagally, Aghalisk, Aghananimy, Aghnamallagh, Aghnasedagh, Annaghervy, Annagola, Annahagh (E.D. Monaghan), Ballyleck, Brandrum, Brookvale, Camla, Carn, Carrowbarra, Carrowbarra Island, Cavanreagh, Clonkeady, Coolatty, Cooldarragh, Coolmain, Coolmuckbane, Corbeg, Corcreeghy, Corknock, Corlat (E.D. Monaghan), Cornahoe (E.D. Tehallan), Cornecassa Demesne, Corvally (E.D. Tehallan), Creighans, Crosses (E.D. Bellanode), Crover, Crowey, Crumlin (E.D. Tehallan), Derry, Doogary, Drumacaslan, Drumacruttan (E.D. Tehallan), Drumagelvin, Drumbarnet, Drumbeagh, Drumcoo (Jackson), Drumcoo (Woods), Drumdart, Drumgarran, Drumgoask, Drumgoole, Drumillagh, Drumlara, Drumlish, Drummaconor, Drumreask, Drumrutragh, Drumshanny, Gallanagh, Glasdrumman, Golree, Gortakeeghan, Gortmore North, Gortmore South, Kildoagh, Killeef, Killyconigan, Killycreen, Killydonnelly, Kilygavna, Killymarran, Killyneill, Kilnalaltar, Knockaconny, Knockacunnier, Knockboy, Knockroe, Latlorcan, Leitrim, Lisbane, Liscarney, Liscat, Lisnanore, Mullabrack, Mulladuff, Mullaghadun, Mullaghcroghery, Mullaghmatt, Mullaghmore, Mullanacross, Mullanarockan, Mullanavannog, Mullantimore, Mullyera (E.D. Tedavnet), Mullynahinch, Naghill, Newgrove, Point, Raconnell, Rafeenan, Rosefield, Seaveagh, Sheetrim (E.D. Bellanode), Shelvins, Skeagh, Skervan, Skinnagin, Tamlat (E.D. Tehallan), Tattindonagh, Tedavnet, Templetate, Terrycaffe, Thornhill, Tiravera, Tirnaskea North, Tuckmilltate, Tully (E.D. Monaghan), Tully (E.D. Tedavnet), Tullybryan, Tullycroman, Tullygony (E.D. Tedavnet), Tullygony (E.D. Tehallan), Tullygrimes Tullyhirm, Tullykenny, Tullylish, Tullyanure, Tullyvogy.

Townlands in Trough Barony: Aghaboy, Aghaloughan, Aghnagap, Annacatty, Annaghbeg, Annagola, Annareagh North, Annareagh South, Ardnasallem, Ballynahone, Belderg, Bellanaman, Billis, Billises, Carrigans, Clanickny, Clery, Cloghnart, Cloncaw, Clonleek, Coolcollid, Coolkill East, Coolshannagh, Cornacreeve, Corracrin, Corragh (Maxwell), Corraghbrack, Corraghdown, Corraghduff, Creevelea, Dernahatten, Derrygassan Lower, Derrygassan Upper, Derryhallagh, Derryhee, Derryhoosh, Derrylea, Derrynagrew, Derrynashallog, Derryveen, Desert, Doagheys, Donagh, Drumbanagher, Drumcaw, Drumconnelly, Drumgaghan, Drumgarn, Drumgeeny, Drummully, Drumnolan, Drumsheeny, Drumturk, Dundonagh, Edenisland, Edenmore (E.D. Killylough), Emy, Enagh, Faulkand, Foxhole, Glaslough, Glennan, Gortmoney, Griggy, Hillhall, Inishdevlin, Kilcran, Killyboley, Killyconigan, Killycooly, Killygowan, Killyrean Lower, Killyrean Upper, Kilnadreen, Kiltubbrid, Kiltybegs, Kilvey, Knockaphubble, Knocknasave, Knockronaghan, leek, Legacurry, Letgonnelly, Letloonigan, Lisboy, Lisgoagh, Looart, Monmurry, Mullabrack (Scott), Mullaghbane, Mullaghboy, Mullaghduff, Mullaghmore East, Mullaghpeak, Mullaliss, Mullaloughan, Mullamurphy, Mullanlary, Mullyjordan, Portinaghy, Pullis, Rarutagh, Rossarrell, Scarnageeragh or Emyvale, Sillis, Skinnagin, Arananny, Straghan or Cornasore, Stramore, Streanduff, Tattygare, Telaydan, Telaydan, Tiramoan, Tirnaneill, Tonycoogan, Tonygarvey, Tonyhamigan, Tonynumery, Tonyshandeny, Tully, Tullyard, Tullycallick, Tullyree, Whiteisland.

Maps showing the areas are available at Monaghan and Clones Garda Stations: Monaghan County Council Offices, the Geological Survey of Ireland, Beggar’s Bush, Dublin, D04 K7X4 and the address below.

Objections to the grant of the licences should be made to the address below within 21 days of the date of this Notice. The Minister reserves the right to make details of the objections available to the applicant in order to fully consider their validity.

NB: A prospecting licence entitles the holder to explore for mineral deposits and does not authorise mining of any minerals. The activities permissible under licence are, in general, non-invasive and of minimal environmental impact. The Minister has assessed the exploration programme proposed by the company and has determined that the activities are not likely to have a significant effect on the environment.

Further information, statutory notice and Minister’s determination at:

Exploration and Mining Division,

Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment,

29 – 31 Adelaide Road, Dublin, D02 X285


Ref: M.A. 333/2                                                                Date 8th November 2018