Black Pig’s Dyke. Remnants can be found in north Co Leitrim, north Co Longford, Co Cavan, Co Monaghan and Co Fermanagh.

On the evening of 18th October in the Market House, Monaghan, an exploration of the archaeological monument known as the Worm Ditch or Black Pigs Dyke will take place in the company of some renowned experts. Ian Doyle, Head of Conservation with the Heritage Council will introduce the event. Turtle Bunbury, author, will explore De Vismes Kane of Drumreaske House, Monaghan who was one of the early explorers and writers on the monument. Cóilín O’Drisceoil and Aidan Walsh will bring us through the recent research, excavations & geophysical surveys taking place in County Monaghan through the Monaghan Heritage Plan. Artist, Siobhan McDonald will then explore and describe her work with the monument & how she intends to artistically render this in the coming months. Her work is funded through Creative Ireland. This is an event to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage. All welcome