Ind Cllr Paudge Connolly has welcomed the announcement of Clár funding of €6,983 for Knockatallon Community Development. The support for the Sheskin/Killylough/Tydavnet District Electoral Division is provided under Clár Measure 3 for First Response Support Measures, and the funds are allocated to purchase equipment. Other successful applications from County Monaghan included Monaghan Sub Aqua Club Search and Recovery Unit is to receive €26,500 to buy a new van, and Annyalla Cremartin Community First Responders receiving €4,250 for a new defibrillator.

The CLÁR programme (Ceantair Laga Árd-Riachtanais) is a targeted investment programme which provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas that have suffered the greatest levels of population decline. The aim of CLÁR is to support the sustainable development of identified CLÁR areas by attracting people to live and work there.  The funding works in conjunction with local funding and on the basis of locally identified priorities. The community welcomes the allocation for the area.