Another Saturday after a birthday “party” in Tydavnet village, and not for the first time the revellers attending the party decided it would be fun to run wild in the Tydavnet Tidy Towns wildlife garden. This garden is a source of great pride in the village, a lot of hours of VOLUNTARY work went into creating this wonderful space which is enjoyed by wildlife, the children from Acorn Montessori and Tydavnet School, and as a venue for lots of photos of Church ceremonies like weddings, First Communions and Confirmations. It’s heartbreaking to see how such a thing of beauty can be destroyed in a short time – all in the name of a supposed “good night out” – a coming of age celebration in the village. Perhaps those who “celebrate” in this way need to take a long hard look at their behaviour and lack of respect – it’s certainly unbecoming to those who would like to be treated as “adults” – and it costs  the community (more than likely their OWN community) lots of time, money, effort and thought.  While it’s great to have a celebration of any type, this type of “yahoo” vandalism is unwelcome in any area. In the cold hard light of Saturday, and the benefit of sobriety…… it’s nothing to be proud of! (Click on images to enlarge……)