There is an important meeting about pollinators and biodiversity being held on Thursday 10th May in the Westenra Hotel, Monaghan at 7.30pm, Speaker will be Ecologist Billy Flynn. Like all of our biodiversity, pollinators are negatively affected by a range of human activities, but the primary cause of wild pollinator loss is thought to be the loss and fragmentation of their habitats due to building, new road construction etc. General declines in wildflowers within the landscape also play a role. This is largely due to the changes in our farming practices, for example the creation of larger fields thus removing hedgerows, and the movement from hay to silage production. In addition, invasive alien species, pests and diseases, and pollution (e.g. as a result of agricultural pesticides) negatively effect pollinators too. So find out what you can do to help? Come along to the workshop – you’ll learn lots!