The finance oversight committee of Tydavnet Off road carpark has met again on Monday 16th April. A total of €6,970 and £25 Sterling was counted. Add this to the most recent count and the total raised now is €27,793 and £25 Sterling. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far – this is a phenomenal response, and testament to the value that people put in the car park amenity for the village. No amount is too big, and no amount is too small. A staggered payment of smaller amounts is also very much appreciated.

Some people have availed of the tax incentive for donations over €250, if anyone wants to do this, ask your collector for the appropriate form. In simple terms,  this allows the Car Park fund to claim up to an extra €112 without any extra cost to you. All that people have to do is request the relevant form from the Tidy Towns group. Payments by standing order or direct debit will also qualify, as long as certain conditions are met.

Your generosity is very much appreciated, the project will be going to eTender very soon.