A new website has been launched which aims to highlight all the stolen property in Ireland. It’s an online database for Stolen & Recovered property and, best of all, its FREE. Theft Finders (https://www.theftfinders.ie/) helps you register, report and locate stolen property, and fight back against theft in Ireland. The website offers a facility to register your property – from an iPad to an Ifor Williams- and report them stolen. It also allows recovered property to be added to the website in the hope it will be identified and returned to its rightful owner. This is also a timely reminder to people to perhaps have their property security marked and photographed to make it easier to identify. Theft finders is a site where you can check if that second hand item you are about to buy is in fact stolen property, and uou can post up items that might have been stolen or lost on you, which will increase the chances of your stolen / lost items being found and returned in the fastest time possible. The site also offers an asset management facility. It’s like a safety deposit box. This is the place where you can store pictures and details of all your valuable items. The only person who knows what you put into the asset management facility is you and only you, we don’t even know at Theftfinders. The facility is safe and secure. Check it out on Theft Finders website.

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