A person has made contact with the Tydavnet website regarding the family history of the McAloon family, Mullatishaughlin and Kilmore East. They are enquiring about the previous owners of the land which the McAloons later occupied. They have a significant body of work done and can now go back seven generations on both sides of the family – however, they are confused about some of the information gleaned from the Griffiths Valuation list and Census records. One of the McAloon generations bought a farm in/around 1937, two years before he married, however the person who made contact with the website is unclear which land (was is Mullatishaughlin or Kilmore East, both adjoining but separated by a river). There were four households mentioned in a census, it appears that House One was occupied by Eddie Crawford (he used to own a speed boat on Hollywood Lake), so the enquirer would like someone to confirm which house and location was the McAloon property. As family tree research can be difficult and confusing at times, perhaps someone can tell exactly what is known about the lands that changed hands in Mullatishaughlin and Kilmore East down the years… thanks everyone!