Tydavnet Text Alert group will have the use of a property marking machine in Tydavnet Village Community Centre on Thursday 22nd March at 8.30pm. Monaghan County Council has purchased the machine and manages the lending of it to groups and businesses. The machine works by stamping your EIRCODE into the item to be marked using a pattern of dots, and it can be used to mark carbon fibre, metal, wood, plastic – anything except glass which may shatter. Property that may be marked include expensive equipment, from an iPhone to an Ifor Williams! So consider having expensive garden equipment, power tools, generators, and other portable equipment usually transported in your van marked. This is a free service for the community, and everyone is welcome to participate. Just bring along your Eircode details. See how the property marking works by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/yoHII2OQQmA