The next presentation of Tydavnet Historical Society will be on WEDNESDAY 31st January 2018 (weather permitting), with the fantastic topic of “Ringforts in Tydavnet Parish”. There are a number of ringforts in Tydavnet parish and surrounds, most notable being the one at Carrowhatta, Scotstown. Ringforts are usually circular, with a diameter of between 20 and 60 metres, and this presentation will explore the date, occupancy, and function of these structures. Anyone with photos of ringforts is especially welcome to have them displayed on the night, and stories and superstitions about ringforts are welcomed too. The event will take place in Cornagilta School at 8pm. Just come along on the night, admission €5, refreshments served.

Ringforts in the area include:

Carrowhatta; Cussee; Drumcoojackson; Kilmore East (2); Raconnel; Annaghervy; Coolkill West; Aghalissabeagh; Drumloo; Aughnashalvey; Derrylusk; Allygesh; Drumslavog; Fermoyle; Killydonnelly and Annaghagh South.

Ringfort at Carrowhatta, Scotstown. Image source: Marie McKenna