Existing community facility known as Ballinode Hall at Terrytole

Ballinode Community Projects Ltd has received planning permission for the demolition of the existing structure known as Ballinode Creamery at Cappog which has been derelict for a number of years, and the construction of a new Community Centre building, car parking facilities, the provision of and revisions to boundary walls, fences and hedges, revisions to the roadside footpath, new entrance and exit, and new sewerage connection to existing public main and all necessary additional siteworks. A number of conditions are attached to the grant of permission. The original planning application was made on 16th November 2016, with a further information request on 13th January 2107. There was one observation made by a person in relation to the application, and this stated “That in view of the importance and significance of the former Ballinode Creamery in the agricultural, commercial and social activities of its catchment area I suggest that a pictorial and written archive be created – to the satisfaction of the Council’s Heritage Officer – of the creamery and its activities. This archive would then be available for permanent exhibition in the new community centre. Such an archive would provide an enduring documentary record of the creamery’s heritage within its catchment area and its place within the farming story of Monaghan. The absence of such a record would likely represent a major loss to the cultural heritage of this area and the county and be a missed opportunity to add to the heritage of the village. It might also be possible to incorporate the stone structure element of the old creamery as some kind of a feature along with the new centre? Such a feature would evoke the history of the building“.

Ballinode Community Projects Ltd, the umbrella community development body in the village, is behind the construction of the new facility which will provide a purpose built venue for many community activities in the area. The existing Ballinode Hall, a single storey corrugated iron hall with timber bargeboards and finials was built in the early 1930’s in the townland of Terrytole, Ballinode, and has served the community well down the years.

Ballinode Creamery at Cappog