Tydavnet has welcomed a new family who have taken up residence in the village recently.  The Bird family are getting used to their new accommodation in the centre of the hamlet, and so far, seem to be very content with their homestead. Without “feather” ado, the timber framed modular accommodation has been kindly provided by fundraising from Tydavnet Tidy Towns group, without putting a “bird”en on Monaghan County Council,  and the residents are very happy that no-one has “fowled up”. They have taken to Twitter to “crow” about the new neighbourhood, and the welcome “tweet”ment they have received.  Mass -goers have been “heron”  about the bird’s eye view of the surrounding countryside, while the youngsters have also ruffled feathers when it was suggested that some people were seen “pigeon-eyed” in the village last Saturday night. Sure they’re a “chirp” off the old block, we welcome their arrival, we hope they’re in no th-rush to leave!