IFACounty Monaghan IFA and the farming community celebrates 60 years of great achievement of the National Farming Association, now known as the Irish Farmers’ Association. The book called “Three Score Ploughed”, is a unique record which deals in great detail with ever facet of agriculture in Co Monaghan over the past sixty years, focusing on many activities of the NFA/IFA including it’s founder members, branches and personnel in each district.

The book is written and edited by former IFA treasurer and presidential candidate John Boylan from Broomfield, and is an outstanding production and something that will undoubtedly make a great keepsake or gift for anyone interested in Monaghan farming. The book also includes information the role of former county chairmen, various officers, commodity committee chairmen, and all branches in Monaghan down the years. Also included are personal memories of people involved in the organisation, protest marches, education initiatives, and some contributions from IFA “widows” who were left to run the farm when their spouses were away on IFA business, it’s a great read!

The book is available to buy from Paddy Sherlock, Tydavnet IFA branch, and is a wonderful record of Farney Farming. Limited copies available, get your’s while still available.