Action from Killylough’s annual Family Fun Day on Sunday 29th of July 2012

Stephen Corley, out-standing in his field!

The warm up game

Back post!

Next Family Fun Day, I’ll be this height!

Mark and Maureen assess the competitors before placing their bets

I’ll take these, you can have the napkin!

He’s coming back, double up the burgers!

The face painters hard at work, and here’s some of their artistry…








Some inflatable fun….



Which can be tiring!




The crowd gathers in anticipation

Time for…… THE RACES!

First off with the cat who got the cream!

Photo finish on the cards!

The girls race

The mums line up…

And they’re off!

Dads’ turn next

Kevin takes time out to check the surface!

Toying with tomorrow’s breakfast as the egg & spoon race is underway for the girls

Hmmm…. not sure of the rules, but….

Now the boys turn

Wheelbarrow races, London 2012 take note!

Next up the boys’ had a go

Action from the piggy-back race








Looking for three-legged race challengers!







Some of the medal winners from the day

Few brave Killylough players remained to stand up to…..

The mighty stars of the past, old school Killylough