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It’s time to “call out” litter louts!

Latex gloves and disposable masks, paper and plastic bags, plastic drinks bottles, fast food and coffee cup rubbish, aluminium soft drink and beer cans, and a huge haul of glass alcohol bottles are everyday rubbish discarded along our local hedges and roads. Much of this stuff is recyclable! We need to change our attitude to […]

Vandalism and illegal dumping a problem in Tydavnet village

It is very disheartening and disappointing to see both the dumping of domestic waste in the bin at Tydavnet school, and the damage to the bin and the gates at the old entrance to the school. The damage to the gate may have been accidentally caused by a lorry that uses the area to park […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns – autumn clean up, and preparing for Christmas

The committee of Tydavnet Tidy Towns would like to thank everyone who took part in the litter pick over the last two weekends. It’s nice to see the roadsides litter free even if it is only for a few days. The committee is especially grateful to those people who do the litter picks all year […]

Landscaping completed at Tydavnet village off street carpark

Tydavnet Tidy Towns has now finished most of the work around the car park and we will have to wait until the grass grows before we can really appreciate it. The field has been re-seeded and some of the beds have been planted with shrubs and trees (2 Copper beech and 2 Hornbeam). The rest of the beds […]

Tydavnet village offers challenge to student of horticulture

Tydavnet Tidy Towns had a work evening last week in our efforts to get the landscaping done around the new car park. While the turnout was not on a par with our first evening, we got a good bit of work done and hopefully we will get it finished when we resume on Tuesday evening. We […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns work evening on Monday 24th August 2020

Allotment: The allotment along the graveyard lane has been a popular place recently for both good and bad reasons. First the good, Alexis Fitzgerald from the Botanical Society of Ireland was in contact and visited the allotment on Saturday 8th August to study weed growth in the garden. Thankfully all weed growth was acceptable and within […]

Successful Tidy Towns work evening in Tydavnet

A big thank you to everyone who took part in Tydavnet Tidy Towns work evening on Monday evening last. This was our first work evening of the year and it was heartening to see such a big turnout for what was a hastily arranged event. We got all the brown area’s around the car park dug […]

Tydavnet “spring clean” litter pick hoping for your help

The annual spring clean in the Tydavnet area is now underway, while observing Covid 19 restrictions. Bags and some litter pickers are available from any member of the Tidy Towns committee. Please do your bit, keep safe, observe current Covid 19 restrictions, use gloves, keep your social distancing and keep within 5km of your home. Thanks […]

DVD of Tydavnet’s “Gathering of the spuds” 2019 now available

The DVD of the Gathering of the Spuds in Tydavnet Allotments is now available, and the production by Murphy Video Services, Emyvale is a nice reminder of what was normal just a few short months ago. The DVD is available at €10 and is a bit nostalgia, a bit humour, and a tribute to the […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns – allotments ready for growing

Tydavnet tidy towns: Our spring clean up has been postponed again and will not now take place until after April 19th. It was scheduled for April 4th but Covid 19 has changed all that and we will follow the guidelines laid down by the government. Perhaps this 2 kilometre limit will be a blessing as […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns AGM on Wednesday 5th February 2020

Tydavnet Tidy Towns AGM will take place on Wednesday 5th February at 9pm in Tydavnet Community centre. We invite at least one person from every house in the village to come along and get involved. New people bring new ideas and we could certainly do with some fresh ideas and a few young backs. We […]

Tydavnet Tidy Towns survey 2019 – please give your opinion and suggestions

Tydavnet Tidy Towns survey…..please take a few minutes to give your opinions and suggestions for the village. You may print off the form, fill it in, and hand it to any of the Tidy Towns members, or fill it in and email it to the address provided. Thank you. (Click on the link to open…..) http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=77143742347165571143 […]

Tydavnet potato gathering on Friday 25th October 2019

The gathering of the spuds in the allotment along the Graveyard Lane will take place Friday 25th October at 1.30pm. This event will take you back in time, so come along and relive the TVO tractor, the back breaking gathering, filling the pit and there’s lots of entertainment planned. Many hands make light work!! Please […]

Scotstown gains 5 marks in national Tidy Towns judging 2019

Scotstown Tidy Towns group is very happy to have earned 5 additional marks in the national Tidy Towns competition, the village was judged on Thursday 27th June. Congratulations to Glaslough who were finally rewarded with the county and regional award, as well as the overall national prize of Ireland’s tidiest town. The full report can […]

Glaslough scoops national Tidy Towns award – Tydavnet gains 5 points

Tidy Towns enthusiasts are delighted that Glaslough village has scooped the National Tidy Towns award, 41 years after they won it for the first time in 1978. They also won the county, and regional top spots, as well as a gold medal. Tydavnet village gained 5 points on last years results, read the adjudicator’s report […]

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