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This year Tydavnet Show committee held their 60th. Annual Show. This year’s show was very different to that of 60 years ago but many aspects have not changed. The ethos of community that started the show in 1950 has remained with the committee into 2011. The show began with a cross community committee and thankfully has remained with the committee. It has often been said that the peace process was being emulated by Tydavnet Parish Show since its foundation sixty years ago.

The show would have begun as an agricultural event serving the local community. In 2011 agriculture is still the backbone of the show but it also encompasses many other activities relevant to all sectors and ages of people.

The activities of the Tydavnet Show committee run from one end of the year to the other. Even though the show takes place on the third Saturday of August each year, much preparation and planning goes on behind the scenes.

Around 15 -20 people (which are the officers and committee members) meet almost each month. Six weeks prior to the show meetings are held on a weekly basis. The week before the show meetings are held daily.

The AGM of the show is held in early March. A new show president is elected each year.

This year special efforts were made to celebrate the 60th. Show. The first of these was an art competition for all national schools to design the cover of the schedule and catalogue. This received huge interest. The committee also commissioned a new show logo. This is used on all headed paper and signage.

The launch of the show takes place in early July with the launch of the schedule. This is held in Urbleshanny Hall, Scotstown. All sponsors, local politicians and show workers are invited to the launch. This year Sean Gallagher of Dragon’s Den was the guest speaker. Other speakers in previous years have been Mamo Mc Donald, Damian O Reilly, Marion Harkin, and Tom Collins. The night is used as a publicity night for the show.

PR is vital to the success of the show. The committee has, as a member a young man who is highly skilled on a computer and design. He has designed the show’s own website www.tydavnetshow.ie This website has been complimented many times as being very modern and attractive.

For this years show the show committee organised a radio outside broadcast on the Wednesday before the show. This was very effective as many people felt the show began on the Wednesday.

The week leading into the show is a very busy week. The activities for this week can be divided in two. The actual work of setting up the show field, tents, marquees, gates, parking, toilets, horse jumps, PA etc and the administration work of taking in entry forms, proof reading the catalogue, sponsorship money, judges, collection of cups etc. As all this work is being done everybody is hoping that the weather will be kind and so it was this year. The show committee had their share of bad days but this never deterred them from coming back the following year.

The Tydavnet Show organised a dinner dance in November as a final celebration of this the Diamond Show. Almost 200 guests attended.

To complete a fabulous year Tydavnet Show have received two awards in recent weeks. The first award was received from Monaghan Intergrated Partnership who organise the Community Achievement Awards. The Show received the rural development category award.

On Friday 9th. December ultimate success came when the Show received the Overall Rehab Monaghan People of the Year Award  at a gala event in the Hotel Hillgrove.

This was recognition not for this year’s show but for all the shows since 1950.


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