Faith and Light is a community movement. At the heart of these communities are people with a more or less serious intellectual disability, children, adolescents or adults. They are surrounded by members of their family, faith and light friends, particularly young people.

Each community is asked to be accompanied by a chaplain if this is possible. Faith and Light gives to persons with an intellectual disability the possibility of being recognised as unique persons using their gifts and discovering the joy of friendship. Faith and Light gives support to parents in their trials and helps them to better appreciate the inner beauty of their children.

Our community here, in Tydavnet, was formed in 1991. We meet once a month at what we call ‘a Fiesta’, usually on the first Sunday of every month. Deep bonds are formed between members as they share more of their lives with each other.

We have a time of sharing, a time  of prayer and a joyful time of celebration at each Fiesta. We have various outings throughout the year and due to the great financial support we get from our wider community in Tydavnet, we are able to bring our special people away for a weekend break, usually in May. We have a very enjoyable Fiesta in December and are so happy to have Santa visit us.